Alex Von Furstenberg Revives the Wrap Dress

Alex Von Furstenberg is the youngest daughter of an American billionaire, Robert W Miller. After her marriage, she ventured into helping her mother-in-law Diane Von Furstenberg as the creative director at the Studio. She is known in the fashion world as a creative and dedicated professional who is able to come up with great and innovative designs. This is why the prospect of the revival of the 1997 Wrap dress came from her. Many people were skeptical about this but she managed to revive and make the 1970’s wrap dress vogue and fashionable.

Alex Von Furstenberg states that she was sorting out the different prints for the first few months and then she suggested to her mother in law if they could redo the wrap dresses again. For this reason, she was able to create a whole new generation, making her one of important and vital parts of the company. The result was the revival of the wrap dress but without the big cuffs and collars that were featured in the 1970’s. It became a big hit in the industry and it has made Alex one of the most sought after expert in the fashion Industry with many people seeking out the various types of designs that she had made.

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